What, Another Blog?

Blogs What, another blog?

Yes!  I have another blog, this is the culmination of blogging from when I discovered blogging, in early 2005.  The first blog I noticed and became a regular reader of was the Real Estate blog Rain City Guide, and later I was lucky to became an occasional contributor in 2006-08.  At the end of that same year, I started my first blog on ActiveRain, a Real Estate blogging platform which taught about blogging.  Since then  I have set up different blogs on Blogger (8+), TypePad (1) and WordPress (3).  Several were Real Estate blogs, some were Art related blogs and one animal advocate blog, several were my own blogs and five were for others (that I wrote for too) some were not used for long, and several have been active for years.

Along the way, I have learned a lot and now want to start fresh with this new blog.  This is a new a focus combining Real Estate and Art, something I have been planning on for a couple of years.  I believe Homeownership is an important part of our lives both emotionally and financially, and that Art emotionally and esthetically enhances our homes and our lives.

In The Art of Real Estate in Seattle and Bellevue, plus Art, I will be writing about real estate; coordinating the experience and process of buying and selling homes for clients is an Art.   The buying and selling of residential real estate is an individual, emotional experience and not something that can be done in a factory-like manner, while there are similar processes, no two transactions are alike in the details.  Just as an Artist orchestrates various materials to a finished artwork, a good Real Estate Agent coordinates all the parties to the transaction, the paperwork, the timeline, the listing, the search, all the details large and small, using their experience and perseverance to achieve a completed sale and happy clients.

Supporting local Artists is important to me so I will also be writing about local Artists and marketing tips for them to help them connect with people interested in adding Art to their Homes.   The Artists also get an added benefit of being exposed to my blog readers and clients who might also choose to add some Art to their Homes!

I love to help people and on this new blog, I will be able to help both my Real Estate Clients and Artists.  Real Estate and Art…. these two are a passion for me and now is the time to finally bring them together!

Thank you for joining me!

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