Why Artists should have an Art Blog, and how you can start with a free one from Blogger, aka Blogspot.com

Jennifer Phillips' Art Blog

Jennifer Phillips’ Art Blog

Why you as an Artist, should have an Art Blog, and how you can start with a free one from Blogger, aka Blogspot.com.

One way to look at Art from an Artists point of view, is that each piece of Art created documents a specific time in an Artists’ life, and blogging about your Art makes that more accessible to others.

Having a blog, that you update periodically, means you have a way to share with others what you are working on, completed art, what’s on your mind, your art process, favorite art materials, what art you have been looking at or thinking about and so on.  It’s the sharing with others that can help you to connect with people who would be interested in your art, buying your art and sharing “their” artist with their friends.  Once you have a blog post, you can share that blog posts url with others via email or Facebook. It’s that sharing (marketing) that helps to get your art “out there”,  and once your art is “out there” it gives you the opportunity to connect with more potential art collectors.

A while back (2008) I talked with artist Jennifer Phillips, who had recently decided to work full time as an artist, about why she should have an Art Blog in addition to her website.  After our talk she started her informative and entertaining,  JenniferPhillipsArt.blogspot.com blog and has been blogging on and off ever since.   Jennifer posted on her Facebook page recently, about how another Artists’ blog has “rekindled” her love of blogging, blogging is also a great way to connect with an artist community.

The easiest way to get started with your Art Blog is to use Google’s Blogger, also known as Blogspot.com which is free.  While you can use others, Blogspot.com is free and easy to use, you just have to have a gmail email account from Google, if you have one already, that’s great!

If you don’t, then sign up for one with Google, it’s free too.  When you sign up, it’s best to use your name or since that is likely taken, use your name plus something else, I use my name plus “Seattle”, deborah.burns.seattle@gmail.com, your name with “Art” or “Artist” is a good way to have a unique name for Google and your Blogger Blog.

Once you have a gmail account, you can then sign up for a blog on Blogspot.com. below are a couple of good video tutorials on how to set up your blog, while I did not make these, I thought these were very well done so I thought I would share them here.

How to Create a Blog on Blogger – 2013 [part 1] from Janet Walker

How to Create a Post on Blogger – 2013 [part 2] from Janet Walker

How to Customize Your Blog on Blogger Part III Template
Designer from Martiel Beatty

I am not an especially tech savvy person, but Blogger [official Blogger how to] is fairly easy, so just play around and explore Blogger once you have signed up. At first when setting up your blog, keep the appearance simple, the idea is just to get a basic blog set up so you can start blogging and sharing your creative work.  Once you have more confidence and time, play around with the look of your blog. Remember, you can change the look of your blog any time you want.

Now that you have a blog, start writing some blog posts, here are some ideas to get you started with some blog posts:

– About yourself, why you became an artist?
– Why you create in the medium you work with?
– What you are working on right now? (include a photo)
– What have you just finished? (include a photo)
– What particular artwork always inspires you? (include a photo)

So, get started on you Art Blog, a blog is the cornerstone for Social Media and Marketing, and watch for more posts on Social Media for Artists!

I hope you found this post helpful, please share with your Art friends.   And if you or someone you know is interested in buying or selling their home, I would be happy to talk with them about Real Estate and how I can help them, thank you!


I am a Real Estate Agent/Broker in the Seattle/Bellevue areas, if you found this helpful and if you have (or someone you know has) questions about Real Estate in the local area or needs help, please contact me, I would love to help you with that too!

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  1. redharparts says:

    Thanks for posting these tutorials! I’ve figured out Blogger myself but will look at them so as to share them with others who are having trouble with it!

  2. Deborah says:

    Hi Kate! Glad you like them! Yes, I wrote this up as a resource for Artists who could use some help figuring it out, and take them less time to do it. It really is important for Artists to have a blog and the sooner the better. You have done a wonderful job with blogging, I really enjoy your RedHarpArts blog [ http://redharparts.wordpress.com/ ] and your contributions to the Seattle Urban Sketchers blog [ http://seattle.urbansketchers.org/ ] I enjoy our recent chat as well. Thank you for commenting Kate! ~Deborah

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