7 Reasons Why Autumn May Be the Best Time for Buying a Home in the Greater Seattle and Bellevue Areas

Seattle home in October 20157 Reasons Why Autumn May Be the Best Time for Buying a Home in the Greater Seattle and Bellevue Areas

The past Spring and Summer home buying hoopla in Seattle and Bellevue areas has settled down a bit, and as the leaves fall, some home buyers may find that Fall might be the best time for finding and buying a home.  The home for you could have just been listed!

  1. Less competition, there are fewer buyers looking to buy a home now.  School has started, and other buyers may have dropped out of the market, tired of the competition.
  2. Next Spring is looking to be another seller’s market and with many competing buyers, wouldn’t you want to already be living in your home?
  3. Both buyers and sellers are focused on coming to an agreement on price and terms since many people want to be settled into their new home before the upcoming Holidays.  Buyers must be ready to make a decision, and make a solid offer.
  4. Some Sellers are ready to sell now and have just listed their homes for sale, 112 were listed today!
  5. There may be some sellers whose homes have lingered on the market, and longer days on the market can mean that they may be more open to negotiation on price because they just want to sell it and move. That said, it is still a seller’s market, and likely to remain so for another year, so even with fewer buyers, don’t be expecting huge concessions or price reductions.  
  6. Today, there are 3,381 homes currently listed for sale in the greater Seattle and Bellevue areas.
  7. Most of all, the home that you want could be listed for sale right now!

While there might be fewer homes listed for sale on the market than in the Spring and Summer, the best home for you and your family for buying a home could be this Autumn.

If you have any questions feel free to contact me, I am happy to help!


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