Spring is coming soon and so is the Northwest Flower & Garden Show!

Northwest Flower & Garden Show 2015 Display, Art of Real Estate blog

Northwest Flower & Garden Show 2015 Display

Northwest Flower & Garden Show is here this week!

NWF&GS 2015, 7, Art of Real Estate blogThe Northwest Flower & Garden Show is just the thing to inspire you when the cold, gray, and drizzly days of Seattle and Puget Sound have been pummelling you down. This year the dates for the show are February 17th to the 21st, 2016 as usual at the Seattle Convention Center. I have been many times since I moved to Seattle and it is always a joy to walk in and see the amazing display gardens, the color, the design, the whimsey, the fragrance and the beauty! So many ideas in the display gardens and the marketplace with wondrous things for your garden and home – I love it!

NWF&GS 2015, 1, Art of Real Estate blogAt the NWF&GS, there are many gardening lectures to learn and inspire, and the first time I attended the show, I was still an apartment dweller. I had been gardening in pots on balconies for years and wanted to learn how to make a garden in the house I was planning on buying in Seattle and was just itching to make a garden! I have learned so much over the years at the Northwest Flower & Garden Show and love talking about how much I have learned and been inspired by it.

NWF&GS 2015, 5, Art of Real Estate blog

NWF&GS 2015, 3, Art of Real Estate blog You can get ideas for making your patio a truly beautiful extension of your home, especially with all the outdoor dining ideas.  Even if your outdoor space is small, there are wonderful ideas to make it a truly beautiful area.

NWF&GS 2015, 21, Art of Real Estate blogIf you are planning on having a garden or wishing to enhance the one you have, this is the place to go!  This year’s theme is America The Beautiful, I am planning on being there this coming Friday with a gardening (and artist) friend and I am really looking forward to seeing the all the joyful colors.


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