Hello, I am Deborah Burns, Real Estate Broker-Agent at Realty Executives BRIO and I am  glad that you are here!

The Art of Real Estate is about Real Estate in the Seattle and Bellevue areas.  Buying and selling Real Estate is an Art, every transaction is unique, and having an expert there to help guide you throughout the process; anticipating issues, problem solving, negotiating and more, makes you more confident in your particular real estate transaction.

Why choose me?

First, I am very loyal, and take my commitments towards my clients, friends and family very seriously.

Second, as a Real Estate Broker/Agent in the Seattle/Bellevue areas, my job, if you chose to hire me, is to educate, counsel, support and guide you through out the entire Home Buying and Home Selling process.  I want to make that process as easy, positive and beneficial to you as possible.  When we decide to work together, I will be representing your best interests while I am guiding you while purchasing or selling your Home.

Buying and selling your Home is complicated and stressful, my job is to make is less complicated, to smooth out the difficulties, pay attention to the details and to shoulder much of the stress so you don’t have to.  All the while knowing that I am looking after your best interests, not mine, not the other broker/agent, not the other person in the contract, I am looking after YOU!

If I am the kind of person you want helping you, then please contact me and we can talk about what I can do for you.

Thank you and I am happy to help.


Cell phone: 206-618-0565
Email: Deborah.Burns.Seattle@gmail.com
Search for Homes on my on my Home Search Website
Find me on Facebook at Art of Real Estate + ART: Deborah Burns

PS, I also write about art and artists in the Seattle and Bellevue areas because Art is one of the things that makes a house a home. Through out history people have decorated their homes with beautiful things….Art, is what makes a persons home uniquely theirs.


Realty Executives Brio35
Deborah Burns
Realty Executives BRIO
13010 NE 20th St, Suite 200
Bellevue, WA 98005
Cell: 206-628-0565
REX office: 425-646-8557

Search for Homes on my:
 Home Search Website
Find me on Facebook at:
Art of Real Estate Deborah Burns

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