Real estate is a fascinating topic for most people, especially regarding your properties’ value and the home values in your neighborhood!

Now you can more easily keep up with your home’s value as well as your neighbors with ePropertyWatch!

ePropertyWatch is a great new service to keep you up to date on the value of your home, transactions in your neighborhood, and overall real estate trends in your area. You’ll be able to keep up with your home’s changing value and what’s happening around you – all for free. You can also watch multiple homes – those you own and those you may simply be interested in.

To sign up for ePropertyWatch, please click on the link and fill in the spaces, then watch for an email with an “Invitation to Join ePropertyWatch”

Once you have clicked on the link in the email to “confirm your subscription”  You will go to your dashboard to see all sorts of great information about your property and neighborhood!  What is currently for Sale, Pending, Sold, Foreclosure, and Rental.  You will get an email every month (or you can change your subscription to every two weeks) with the dashboard showing you what is happening in your neighborhood in real estate!  You can even sign up for up to 3 different addresses with ePropertyWatch to get automatic emails!

This is a great tool to help you keep up with real estate in your neighborhood or one that you are interested in moving too!

~Deborah Burns